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                  Welcome to your web site
                  This theme and template package is designed to fit a wide variety of businesses. We've included the following:
                    A High-quality design
                    18 page web template
                    A page template
                    Flash Animation (Splash page)
                    Lots of tips and help
                    Layout displays correctly in both Netscape 7.0 and Internet Explorer.5.0
                  How to edit main-item flash animation
                  Change the background image
                  There are 4 images(item1.jpg, item2.jpg. item3.jpg.item4.jpg) in root
                    folder. These images are used in main-item.swf
                    background image of 01 area is item1.jpg.
                  background image of 02 area is item2.jpg.
                  background image of 03 area is item3.jpg.
                  background image of 04 area is item4.jpg.
                    How to edit main-item flash text? Click here!
                  The size of each image is 190 X 250. Please, Don't change the size and its
                  Now you can change flash animation images whenever you want without
                    editing the swi source file.
                  Hot Tipp
                  Copy these Hot Topic Tables and use them to set off important announcements or news. Click in the title area and go to Table > Select > Table, then go to Edit > Copy. Edit > Paste to place a new info box within your page.
                  Today's news
                  You can easily modify this page by selecting the text and replacing it with your own content.



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